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Young Adult Training Program 2024 - She Kills Monsters

The GhostLight is launching their first ever YA (Young Adult) theatre training program to take place
throughout the entire season, which will culminate in a mid-summer fully staged production of the play
She Kills Monsters (Young Adventurers Edition) written by Qui Nguyen. Students aged 13-19 interested in
studying the theatrical arts including acting, stagecraft, set design, costuming, light and sound design,
should apply. This is a FREE program with the goal being to develop the theater skills of participants
throughout the summer of 2024. Hopefully The GhostLight will be able to offer different masterclasses
in multiple areas, as well as offering development and apprenticeship possibilities. Lindsay Gilmore-Gaspari will be directing the production, with the assistance of Jodie Wilson.

Auditions/Interviews are scheduled to take place April 23rd and 24th at the GhostLight Theatre from 4-6pm.

Rehearsal period will range late June through July with performances scheduled July 18, 19, 20, and 21. Once accepted into the GLYA Program, enrollment is FREE.

Interested in joining the first-ever Young Adult Training Program and performing in She Kills Monsters?

Send us your Application Today!

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She Kills Monsters! (Young Adventurers Edition) Synopsis: It’s 1995 and cheerleader Agnes Evans has found a notebook that belonged to her deceased sister, Tilly. Inside, Agnes discovers the world of D&D and a hidden side of her sister’s identity. Determined to learn who her sister really was, Agnes finds a dungeon master and trades her pom-poms for a sword, joining forces with Tilly’s characters to embark on an epic quest through the pages of the notebook. Along the way, Agnes faces her sister’s demons and a few of her own, reconciling their differences to embrace her memory. With a dynamic cast of monsters, heroes, and real-life counterparts, She Kills Monsters gives voice and recognition to the personal quest to self-express as we wish to be seen, empowered through the friendship of those who accept us as we are. Prevalent themes include acceptance, identity as a layered entity, and friendship. Also noted are grief
and stereotyping. LQBTQIA+ characters play pivotal roles.

Creative Team.

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